These are used to take the power from your feed and break it into circuits that can feed your loads.  Traditional PDU's will take a 480V AC line current from the UPS or the output switch gear and step it through a transformer to 120/208 V AC "Y" or 4 wire to feed the load.  An example would be a 400 kVA UPS that is feeding 4 100kVA PDU's.  Since the power is being distributed by 480 V from the UPS, you will save large amounts of money by using smaller pipe and wire from the electric room to the loads.  The PDU is placed close to the computer room loads and only then is the power converted. 

PDU's have many options including number of output breakers, power monitoring, communications, management, redundancy, etc.  You are limited only by your budget and your imagination.

Automatic Transfer Switches are basically a smart power switch that allows you to have multiple power feeds to your load, and it will choose what source to use based on the one that has the best quality power.  You can program the unit to transfer based on parameters that you set.

The most common ATS that most people are familiar with are ATS's hooked between the utility and a generator, with a UPS downstream.  The ATS will do exactly as the name states.....it will automatically switch from the utility to the Generator circuit upon the utility going outside of acceptable ranges.




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