Power Quality Monitoring and Testing

Power Quality requires some specialized test equipment to find your issues. 

This starts with basic load and voltage data acquisition meters, and goes up from there.  A common one we see alot is the ACR and Fluke Power Watch.  This is a simple plug in meter that records events on one circuit.  This is helpful if you are having problem that seems to happen randomly.  This recorder will allow you to track the anomaly on a circuit.

Some of the most common meters on the market are the Fluke 434 and the AEMC PowerPad.  Both have many features, and can be configured to test many different parameters.  These can be used on both single and three phase applications and they will record on a whole panel.  These can also be configured for how sensitive the trap rates are.  Expect to spend $5,000 to $10,000 for one of these depending on options, accessories, etc.

The next step up is some real specialized testing gear like the RPM meters  These are when very detailed recordings are needed at a cycle by cycle basis.  These start getting very expensive.


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