Power Quality 101

What is Power Quality? 

That is a term that people are using more and more now and most people are still unsure of what it is.

For most of you we can state that power quality refers to the measured standards of the power that is feeding the loads within your facility.   If your facility has good power quality, it is assumed that the power that reaches your loads, is within the published parameters that your equipment was designed to work within.  Most high tech equipment nowadays is being designed to function well within what are known as the Information Technology Industry Council standard, What was formerly addressed by the CBEMA (Computer Business Equipment Manufacturing Association) standards. 

Before ITIC, CBEMA had published the CBEMA curve.  The CBEMA curve is out of date, but many people still tend to use it, which is why I mentioned it here.  If the power that feeds your loads falls within the CBEMA curve, than the equipment should continue to function well.  The new curve is the ITIC Curve which addresses the same concerns as the CBEMA.

Bad Power Quality is when the power from the wall is outside an acceptable range for your equipment.  This power that is outside the norms can damage the attached equipment, as well as effect the function of the equipment.  Even power that is just a little outside of the norms can over time damage your equipment.

That is the standard answer, but it does not get into the nitty gritty detail that helps you solve your problems.  South Bay Supply, Inc. has pulled together this tutorial on Power Quality, and it is broken down into sections.  Click on the following links to work your way through.  We are always available to help with specific issues, please e-mail us or feel free to call us.

Common Power Quality Problems   This section will discuss the most common problems that companies facilities are faced with on a regular basis.

Causes Of Power Quality Problems   This section will show the causes of most of these problems, and whether they are internal or external problems

Options for solving Power Quality Problems  The tools that we use to solve the problems that cause damage to your equipment.

Power Quality Glossary  Click here to learn the lingo of Power Quality



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